New Abandoned Vessel Act Worth Watching

Transport Canada issued a news release on October 30: Government of Canada marks the one-year anniversary of the Oceans Protection Plan and introduces the Wrecked, Abandoned or Hazardous Vessels Act.  It makes for interesting reading. Who can complain about a plan to “improve environmental protections and increase economic opportunities through tourism and fishing”. I’m not… Read More »

Could it happen here? (And if it did, am I covered?)

With all the devastation in the eastern Caribbean a natural question to ask is ‘is our boat in that kind of risk?’ In Canada, the answer is largely ‘no’ but there is always a chance. There have been more than 60 recorded instances of tropical cyclones in Canada. Twenty-five of those occurred from 1995 to… Read More »

FAQ: Deductibles and Boat Claims

There is a bit of confusion and misinformation circulating regarding deductibles for insurance. I have dedicated this post to addressing the most common misconceptions and frequently asked questions. Why are there deductibles on an insurance policy? The deductible is the amount or portion that you will have to pay on any claim. These exist in insurance… Read More »

NEW Boating Apps

From weight loss to managing your grocery list, there is an app for just about everything! To be honest, I find some apps really useful. Sail Canada and Discover Boating  recently launched great phone and iPad apps for boaters. Not only do these apps provide important boating information that is easy to access, search, book mark… Read More »

High Water Levels: Tips for Boating Safely

Parks Canada has delayed the start of the 2017 boating season for the Rideau Canal and Trent Severn Waterway until Friday, May 26. Both waterways are closed to all boat traffic while all forms of water-based activity are discouraged. ‘According to Parks Canada, the closure will help protect boaters while preventing further shoreline erosion and property damage… Read More »
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