Proposed Changes to Pleasure Craft Licensing in Canada: Have Your Say!


Ahoy, boating enthusiasts! We have some interesting news to share with you. The Canadian government has proposed changes to the Pleasure Craft Licensing regulations, and it’s time for all boat owners to voice their opinions. (This is your boat registration/boat license). In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a summary of the proposed changes and guide you on how to comment on them.  And as always, we’ll remind you why Gallagher Skippers’ Plan is your go-to expert for all your boat insurance needs. So, let’s jump aboard and explore these developments!

Proposed Changes to Pleasure Craft Licensing:

The proposed changes to the Pleasure Craft Licensing regulations aim to enhance safety, streamline processes, and ensure compliance with evolving marine standards. To get all the details, you can refer to the official document published on May 13, 2023, by the Government of Canada [1]. We’ll give you a brief overview of the key proposed changes:

Licensing Requirements:
The proposed amendments suggest modifications to the licensing requirements for pleasure craft. These changes might include revised criteria for licensing, updated documentation, and potential adjustments to fees. It’s essential to review the proposed changes to understand how they might impact you as a boat owner.

We would like to highlight, that Sail boats will be subject to the proposed changes that are above six metres (19’) in length.

How to Comment on the Proposed Changes:

Your opinion matters! The Canadian government invites all stakeholders and interested individuals to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Pleasure Craft Licensing regulations. Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

Visit the Official Gazette Website:
Access the official document outlining the proposed changes on the Government of Canada’s Gazette website [1]. Read through the document to gain a comprehensive understanding of the proposed amendments.

Prepare Your Comments:
Take the time to formulate your thoughts and concerns regarding the proposed changes. Identify specific areas that you support or disagree with and gather supporting evidence or suggestions for alternative approaches, if applicable.

Submit Your Comments:
Follow the instructions provided in the official document to submit your comments. Be sure to adhere to the specified deadline to ensure your feedback is considered during the decision-making process.

More changes coming:
The Canadian Government has planned regulatory initiatives for the next two years [2]. Learn more about the initiatives here

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