Sail Canada Member Benefits

Sail Canada Yacht Club Members get special endorsements. If you are a member of a yacht club and that club is a member of Sail Canada did you know you are entitled to receive the Sail Canada endorsements at no additional cost?    The exclusive Sail Canada endorsements provide much more than that including :

Regatta Expense Endorsement: 

We will reimburse you for Regatta Expenses if you are unable to participate in a Regatta, with the watercraft described on your Skippers’ Plan policy if it is damaged resulting from an Insured Peril.

Decreasing Deductible Endorsement:

The deductible for all insured watercraft(s) will be reduced by 10% (up to a maximum of 50%) of the original deductible amount for each consecutive year you have remained claims free.  This is in addition to the claim free discount.

Emergency Roadside Assistance:

If your boat trailer and/or towing vehicle become disabled or inoperable while in the process of transporting a boat insured by Skippers Plan, we will reimburse you for all reasonable expenses  like towing, flat repairs, delivery of gasoline, or a battery boost.

Deductible Waiver Clause:

We will waive the hull deductible shown on the declarations page for your insured watercraft(s) if the boat is damaged by one of the following:

  1.  A yacht club fire which is not attributable to you or your insured watercraft;
  2.  Your insured watercraft is involved in a collision for which you are not liable; or
  3. Yacht club staff or volunteers during boat launch or haul out.

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