Rick Mercer Chats Boat Insurance with Skipper’s Plan

Just about every Canadian outside the sphere of politics loves Rick Mercer like they love slamming back a double-double and rolling up the rim. Most politicians  enjoy watching their opponents being dissected in one of Rick’s Rants but few dare to engage the political satirist for fear of becoming the punch line.

When I saw Rick and his camera crew approaching the Skippers’ Plan Booth at the 2017 Toronto Boat Show I wasn’t sure how to react.

Rick is as charming as every Newfoundlander I have ever met. If I may generalize, Newfoundlanders are a fun-loving group with  razor-sharp wit. Thankfully they don’t all have a camera crew in tow recording ever encounter with unwitting Upper Canadians at the boat show.

When Rick stopped by at our booth and the camera lights flicked on I didn’t know whether to smile or run. It is really hard to keep a straight face because Rick can make me laugh with just a stare.

Since it has already appeared on national TV I wanted to share our exchange that starts at 2:40. ~ Andrew

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