NEW Compulsory Insurance Regulations For Boaters

New Liability Insurance Regs for Boaters Carrying Passengers

If you plan to use your boat for carrying passengers then you need to know about new  regulations that make passenger liability insurance mandatory for  marine passenger vessels.

These regulation don’t affect you if you just use your boat for private pleasure. But if you use your boat for any of the following activities then the compulsory insurance regulations apply to you:

  1. Using boat for fundraisers or charity events if it involves giving rides to the public
  2. If you use the boat as part of your employment (Real Estate agents, carrying employees etc.)
  3. If you use your boat to entertain business clients or employees 
  4. If your boat is owned by a corporation, numbered company or holding company

The new regulation come into effect January 11, 2019 and will require you to maintain a minimum of $250,000 of liability insurance coverage, multiplied by the passenger capacity of the ship.

So a cruiser or sailboat capable of carrying twelve passengers needs to have minimum liability coverage of $3 million.   This limit applies even if the boat owner does not intend to carry that many  passengers

All of this assumes your insurance company will even permit use of the boat for any commercial activity such as carrying passengers.

So, before you offer to use your boat for a charity fundraiser contact your boat insurance broker to confirm you have adequate coverage limits and that the commercial activity does not invalidate your boat insurance policy.

Need clarification, or have an additional question, contact me directly. I’m here to help.

Andrew Robertson
Sr. Vice President | Skippers’ Plan
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