Directors and Officers Insurance

This policy protects all directors and officers of Sail Canada, past, present and future and the association itself from lawsuits based on the performance of their duties or in the event of a wrongful act. There are literally hundreds of pieces of legislation that impact the personal liability of officers and directors. Non-profit status does not eliminate the liability so Sail Canada and its volunteers are at personal risk without adequate insurance. The Sail Canada D&O policy also covers certified race officials serving in Canada and around the world. Many clubs have their own D&O policy that would provide primary coverage but a race official volunteering away from their home club or outside Canada on behalf of Sail Canada has no way to ensure the host club has adequate protection in place. Sail Canada protects its volunteer race officials from personal liability with this D&O policy.

D & O Application

If your club or association would like a quote for D&O insurance submit the application form to Arthur J Gallagher Canada Limited .
For more information, please contact Jerry Giroux
T: 905.754.3846