Marine Diesel Engine Theory, Maintenance and Repair Course

This was my first year as owner of a sailboat with a diesel engine.  After one season I know I need additional training that you just can’t get from books or videos.   This is an expensive piece of kit and too valuable for trial and error maintenance techniques.      I received notice about a diesel engine course through the Marine Surveyor Newsletter published by Wallace Gouk –  Port Credit Marine Surveys.   Nothing beats hand-on training  and Craig has been in the boat business for over 30 years so I hope to attend his training session this March at Mimico Cruising Club.

The following is an excerpt from   Ontario Marine Surveyors Newsletter

Marine Diesel Engine Theory, Maintenance and Repair Course by Craig Morley



“This course is designed and intended to provide you with a basic understanding of how your Marine Diesel engine operates and how it should be maintained.  The course consists of both theory and a “hands-on” practical demonstration session.  The course is conducted in the shop with new, used and broken parts to handle and view during the theory portion of the presentation. You will become familiar with everything that is in, attached to and around a marine diesel engine. All associated systems such as – pumps, exhaust systems, transmissions, propeller shafts, engine mounts and alignments etc. will be covered.

imagesCA5G4NQJNOTE : Due to the “hands-on” and practical demonstration aspects of this course – Class size is limited to 12 persons ! Participants are encouraged to bring along their own engine information/manuals etc. .

During the afternoon practical demonstrations we will – jump start a diesel, operate engines on test stands, bleed fuel injection systems, adjust valves, change water pump impellers, winterize engines etc. and any special requests we have the equipment and time for.”


To Register – contact Craig Morley at or phone – Office 519-768-3438 or Cell 519-933-3205