Claim Season is Officially Open

Summer finally arrived although some are still debating this fact.  For you this marks the start of the prime boating season.  For insurance companies it marks the beginning of peak claim season.  Add to that all the new boat sales and you can understand why this blog has not seen much action recently- a trend that will continue for the next few weeks.  

So what have we seen so far this year?  We have  the usual racing boats bumping, raccoons dumping,  power boats crashing and masts that are smashing.  We also saw an increase in claims due to snow load collapsing buildings and boat covers.  

Lessons Learned and Relearned

Much can be learned from the mistakes and misfortune of other and a few themes are recurring this year.   Here are the top three for 2014 so far.


  1. Sailboat rigging does not last forever.   An earlier blog post  discusses sailboat rigging and maintenance in more detail but know that you are going to pay for the replacement rigging whether you have a claim or not.  Why wait until you have a broken mast claim to pay for new rigging?  THIS ALSO INCLUDES ROD RIGGING.
  2. Blue Poly tarps from Canadian Tire don’t provide  protection from 700lbs of snowpiled on your boat.  If you use this type of tarp build a rigid frame to avoid crushed canvas tops and a damaged windshield.  Snow load damage is covered but you are going to lose time on the water waiting for repairs.  Winter also brought down a number of dilapidated old barns and sheds due to snow load.  Storage in your buddy’s old barn may be free but it is not the best option.  It also attracts lots of animals.
  3. Nature Sucks (and chews).  Raccoons, mice, squirrels and other varmints continue to cause significant damage to boats.    They eat cushions, hoses, sails, canvas tops, electrical wiring and carpets.  If you see one crossing the road please do not swerve.  They might just be headed to your boat.