The Infamous $2 Million Bungee Cord Lawsuit

I was in the garage securing some boat gear with a bungee cord this morning. As the cord slipped harmlessly from my hand it reminded me of an incident at Lake Muskoka in 1999. Back then two friends were putting a 17 foot runabout on a trailer after a pleasant day of boating. A bungee… Read More »

Five Types of Coverage That May Surprise

I would guess that less than 5% or people actually read their boat insurance policy and even fewer fully understand what it all means.  If you are in the majority then you need to ensure you are using a trusted and knowledgable insurance broker.   In this post I’m going to share 5 elements of your… Read More »

Sailboat Rigging & Maintenance 

In 2014 we saw even more dismasting claims due to age and worn out  old rigging.   This blog entry is copied from my previous blog because the message is not getting out to sailors.   Sailboats over 15 years old that still have the original wire rigging have a high rate of rigging failures and dismastings each year.… Read More »

New to Boating? You need to visit TIBS

Did you know that 25 – 30%  of the people attending the Toronto International Boat Show each year are new to boating and/or first time attendees?  In 2015  new boaters  visiting the show ( January 10-18, 2015)   should make their first stop at the New Boater Welcome Centre.  This is where first-timers can speak to unbiased experts who will… Read More »

Have your say about the Trent-Severn and Rideau Waterways

The Trent-Severn Waterway and the Rideau Canal provides  boaters with some of the most interesting boating in Ontario. Traversing rivers and lakes, through locks, bridges, past marinas and many historical sites. Boaters say it’s one of those holidays where you learn as you explore. The Trent-Severn system begins in Trenton and meanders 386KM to Georgian… Read More »
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