Boat Insurance: How to Read Any Policy

Boat Insurance Polices: How to Read & Understand Them

Boat insurance policies are not standardized like auto insurance so the coverage and terms can vary from one insurance company to the next. While the policy wordings do share common elements, there are six key components you should review and understand before you choose one boat insurance policy over another. 1. POLICY TYPE: There are… Read More »
NEW Liability Requirements for Boaters

NEW Compulsory Insurance Regulations For Boaters

If you plan to use your boat for carrying passengers then you need to know about new  regulations that make passenger liability insurance mandatory for  marine passenger vessels. These regulation don’t affect you if you just use your boat for private pleasure. But if you use your boat for any of the following activities then the compulsory insurance regulations… Read More »

The boating season has begun! Toronto Boat Show | Jan 18-27

It’s our favourite time of year, boat show season! The time when we can chat with boaters one-on-one – answer questions, deliver quotes – or just say hi, how was your summer boating? The Skippers’ Plan marine insurance specialists will be at the Toronto International Boat Show booth #1753 from January 18-27 at the Enercare… Read More »

Petra Fischer Joins TIBS Women’s Day Boating Panel

Skippers’ Plan marine insurance specialist Petra Fischer will be chatting about boating and boat insurance at Women’s Day,  one of the new show features at the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show. Petra will be part of the lunch & learn panel discussion where attendees can ask boating questions about things they always wanted to know… Read More »

SRVS Becomes CBP ROAM App For Boaters Traveling to U.S.

  The US Customs and Border Protection announced in August that the SVRS (Small Vessel Reporting System) will no longer be in service and float plans will no longer be accepted. Boaters can continue to report their arrival via the designated telephone reporting numbers or download the CBP ROAM (U.S. Customs and Border Protections’s Reporting Offsite… Read More »
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