Claim Season is Officially Open

Summer finally arrived although some are still debating this fact.  For you this marks the start of the prime boating season.  For insurance companies it marks the beginning of peak claim season.  Add to that all the new boat sales and you can understand why this blog has not seen much action recently- a trend… Read More »

Buying a Boat Part 9 – First Day on the Water for Fortuitous

First things first. We finally decided on a name for our new sailboat – Fortuitous. Fortunate is how we mostly feel but there was a significant amount of of luck and opportunity that got us this far. After a month of projects , upgrades and maintenance work we were finally ready for our first sail… Read More »

Buying a Boat Part 8 – Guest Blogger – Spousal Approval from her POV

As indicated in a prior blog, spousal approval can be the most important factor in that final step towards buying the boat of your dreams. In our case, it was not a quick process.

Insurance Matters for Dinghy Sailors

Most sailors start off in the dinghy classes when they are young and many have fond memories of time spent in Opti’s, Lasers, 420s, and many others. Young sailors are only concerned about the boat itself (and rightly so) while the responsibility for storage, transport, maintenance and insurance falls to their parents. If Mom &… Read More »
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