Can’t Go Boating? Take a course.

Who says there’s no such thing as winter boating in Canada?  Of course, if you’re a live aboard or a west-coast boater then you’re in the water all winter.  But if you’re like most Canadian boaters, you’ve sadly put your boat away for the winter and started counting the days until launch. Just because its… Read More »

The Boat Claims of Winter

It is a common misconception in the boating community that once boats are hauled out for winter storage that they are much safer.   Our claims statistics tell a different story.   Here is my list of the Top Claims of Winter Theft.  The week after haul out and the week before launch are active times for thieves.… Read More »

The Trouble With Hurricane Holes

If you are going south and your severe weather plan is to head to the closest hurricane hole be prepared for higher insurance premiums.  A lot of people I speak to are surprised to discover this fact. A hurricane hole is a relatively safe place to run from a tropical cyclone – unless it is crowded with… Read More »

The Infamous $2 Million Bungee Cord Lawsuit

I was in the garage securing some boat gear with a bungee cord this morning. As the cord slipped harmlessly from my hand it reminded me of an incident at Lake Muskoka in 1999. Back then two friends were putting a 17 foot runabout on a trailer after a pleasant day of boating. A bungee… Read More »

Five Types of Coverage That May Surprise

I would guess that less than 5% or people actually read their boat insurance policy and even fewer fully understand what it all means.  If you are in the majority then you need to ensure you are using a trusted and knowledgable insurance broker.   In this post I’m going to share 5 elements of your… Read More »
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