Surveys waived for boats under $30K and 30ft

Starting April 15, Skippers’ Plan clients with boats under 30 feet in length that have a  market value of under $30,000 no longer require a marine survey.   This is an initiative we requested from AVIVA Elite Insurance Company.   All that is required are photos that show the condition of the boat above and below the waterline.… Read More »

Spring Pre-Launch Checklist

Spring is finally here and we want to get your boating season off to a good start with our Pre Launch Checklist. Check the boat license/ registration. Ensure boat license or registration documents are on board before you launch. Check your safety equipment. Consult the Safe Boating Guide to ensure you have the required safety… Read More »

Skippers’ Plan Award for Claim Service Excellence

It has been said that an insurance policy is a useless piece of paper until you have a claim.  That is when you really learn how good your insurance company is.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent claim service and built our reputation over 60 years in the boat insurance business. If you have an accident… Read More »

Skippers’ Plan Athlete and Team of the Year

The Skippers’ Plan Female, Male or Team of the Year is awarded to a current Canadian Sailing Team member with a record of outstanding achievement in national and international competition. Award winners must have a record of outstanding achievement in national and international competition within the given year and brought positive recognition to Canadian competitive… Read More »
Recycling of Abandoned Vessels

Insuring a Boat on your Home Policy

Over the last 5 years I have partcipated in boat show seminars for new boaters and people thinking of buying their first boat.   It is a great opportunity for people to ask questions and share any concerns they may have.   The advice provided by a panel of boating industry experts has hopefully helped new boaters avoid the most… Read More »
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