Spring Pre-Launch Checklist

Spring is finally here and we want to get your boating season off to a good start with our Pre Launch Checklist.

Check the boat license/ registration. Ensure boat license or registration documents are on board before you launch.

Check your safety equipment. Consult the Safe Boating Guide to ensure you have the required safety equipment.   Check the date on Flares and fire extinguishers

Inspect your life jackets. Make sure you have a properly sized wearable life jacket for each passenger, check each life jacket for mildew, rot and tears in the material, seams and straps. Discard and replace any damaged life jackets.

Required Documents. If your engine is 10 HP or greater ensure you have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card, plus government photo ID.  Boats with a VHF radio need to carry the Restricted Operator Certificate – Maritime.   Check regional authorities for the need to carry a Harbour License.

Check the first-aid kit. Replace any supplies that were used last season or have passed the expiration date.

Check fittings. Thru-hull fittings below the waterline should be tight; sea valves should operate freely. Make sure the boat plug is on board and in good condition. Don’t forget to install the plug before launch

Check for winter damage. Inspect non-metallic thru-hulls; they get brittle with age and winter ice can crack or loosen them. Look for hoses that have been forced off or split from freezing. Every spring, boats sink at the dock when these problems go undetected until the first heavy rain.

Check the fuel system. Inspect fuel fittings and hoses; replace if cracked or showing other signs of stress.

Check electronic gear. Get fresh batteries for portable electronic gear, radios, handheld GPS and flashlights. Inspect connections on lights and the horn and other equipment wired in to the boat.

Inspect dock and anchor lines for chafing. Replace lines if signs of wear are present.

Check the boat trailer. Inspect trailer tires for wear and inflate properly. Check the trailer frame for rust spots; inspect the wheel bearings and re-pack if necessary. Test the trailer’s lights before towing.

Check the oil. Creamy brown or gray engine or drive oil has water in it and a mechanic should find the source of the leak before you start the engine.

Examine sailboat rigging: Check for signs of corrosion and wear and for leaks where chain plate mounting come through the deck.

Check charts and maps. Are navigational charts and waterway guides current?

Boat Insurance. Ensure your policy is up to date and you advise us of any changes or new equipment you have purchased. If you don’t have insurance call or email for a quote.

Andrew Robertson 1-800-661-7211 andrew.robertson@cgbgroup.com www.skippersplan.com/quote

Happy Boating and we will see you on the water.